PLC Splitters



PLC Splitters

RACK Planar Waveguide Optical Splitter

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Planar lightwave circuit (PLC) splitter is a type of optical power management device that is fabricated using silica optical waveguide technology to distribute optical signals from Central Office (CO) to multiple premise locations.


Pigtailed ABS splitter is most commonly used in the PON networks. It provides the complete protection for inner optical components and cable, as well as designed for the convenient and reliable installation, but its volume is relatively large. It's mainly used for various connection and distribution products(Outdoor Fiber Distribution Box) or network cabinets.



Configuration   Type: 1× 32, SC/PC connector

Optical   Signal Distribution

900μm   ITU G.657A1 for fiber input/output

Data   Communications

Low   insertion loss 7.4dB

Lan   and CATV System

Low   polarization dependent loss (PDL) 0.2dB

FTTX   Deployment

Operating   bandwidth: 1260 - 1650nm

FTTH   Network

Compact   design, suitable for installation in optical equipments

Passive   Optical Networks (PON)

Wide   Operating Temperature: -40 - 85°C, support industry standard applications

Measuring   System and Laser System

High   reliability and stability, Telecordia GR-1221/1209 compliant

DWDM   and CWDM Systems

Telcordia 1209 & 1221 Test Results


Name of the   test



Temperature-   Humidity aging

85°C   and 85% RH

7 days


10 -   55Hz, 1.52mm double amplitude, in three axes

1 hour

Component   Impact

Test   Impact of 500g (mass 0.125kg), 1ms , half sine pulse

2   impacts

Temperature   Cycling Test

-40 -   70°C, Ramp rate: 1°C /min, Dwell time > 15min

10   cycles

Temperature-   Humidity cycling

-40 -   85°C , between 10°C and 23°C - 85% RH, at 85°C - 20%RH,

between   °C and 85°C - maintain a linear change in RH,

below   10°C - uncontrolled RH

14   days

Water   Immersion

43 ±   2°C , PH 5.5 ± 0.5

7 days

Fiber   Side Pull test

0.23   kg load, 90° angle , 2 directions

5   seconds

Fiber   Side Pull test

0.45   Kg load for Single Input Fiber, 1.5 Kg load for 8 Fiber Ribbon Outputs

5   seconds